Five Signs Your Trees Have Become Damaged

While trees offer beauty to any landscape, they can also sometimes be a hazard. A damaged tree is not a safe tree and is more likely to fall. Fallen trees can cause serious damages and injuries. If a tree is damaged, the owners need to hire a Tree service Denver. Thankfully, there are some signs that can alert homeowners there are problems with their trees. Seeking professional help right away can help homeowners to avoid serious issues as a result of damaged trees.

Signs of Tree Damage

There are many signs that can begin to occur when a tree has become damaged. Being proactive and seeking a prompt tree removal service will ensure the hazard is removed. If any of the following signs are noticed by homeowners, the professionals need to be called in to assess the damage.

If the homeowner notices hanging, broken, or dead limbs, this is a sign that should not be ignored. Waiting too long to seek tree pruning could result in continued damage and an increased risk of falling. When the entire tree is beginning to die, it will need to be removed.

The bark of a tree can reveal a great deal about the health of the tree. If changes are occurring in the bark, this is often due to health changes. If a lot of bark is missing or there are bulges of strange growth, it is time to have the tree evaluated.

A tree that is leaning is a great danger to everyone in the vicinity. This tree can fall at any time and will especially fall under the right weather circumstances. A leaning tree should be removed to ensure it does not fall on a home or on someone.

The roots are the most vital part of any tree. When damage is done to the root system, the tree can begin to suffer. Damaged roots lead to trees that begin to die from the inside out. If a tree has damaged roots, the owners need to call a tree specialist to have it looked at.

Trees that have a poor structure can also be problematic. A tree that has more growth in the limbs than the trunk will not be able to support the weight. With proper pruning, the tree can be made safer and healthier.

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If your trees are exhibiting any of the above, it is imperative you seek a tree specialist. They will fully inspect the tree to determine if it needs to be pruned or removed.


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